Mandatory reconsiderations and the rule of law

Note: This should now be read alongside my next blog on Muddled language, as it appears that the DWP did not mean what it said in answer to the FOI request.

From time to time I have been invited to help seriously disabled people attain their rights after their applications for appropriate benefits have been turned down by agents appointed by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Continue reading “Mandatory reconsiderations and the rule of law”

Inheritance tax: a useful infographic

One important feature of the evidence given to the Bach Commission on Access to Justice was the need to develop and use simple applications of modern technology as a tool to help lay people, advice services and law centres to access clear expositions of modern law expressed in terms non-lawyers can readily understand. Continue reading “Inheritance tax: a useful infographic”

Three Years of Exceptional Case Funding in Inquest Cases


In his second annual report (for 2014-5) the Chief Coroner said that although about 230,000 deaths are reported to coroners across England and Wales each year, most of them are signed off by coroners as a death from natural causes, and only about 25,000 cases proceeded to an investigation and inquest, with juries being summoned in 397 of them. Continue reading “Three Years of Exceptional Case Funding in Inquest Cases”