Hackney Law Centre: (1) Housing cases


Henry Brooke in conversation with the team


When Lord Bach’s Commission received evidence last year, we were told again and again about the damage that was being done because the Coaltion Government stopped any grants of legal aid for frontline “legal help” on benefits and housing problems, given at a small fixed fee, long before problems escalated into the crises that are created by evictions and homelessness. Continue reading “Hackney Law Centre: (1) Housing cases”

Mandatory reconsiderations and the rule of law

Note: This should now be read alongside my next blog on Muddled language, as it appears that the DWP did not mean what it said in answer to the FOI request.

From time to time I have been invited to help seriously disabled people attain their rights after their applications for appropriate benefits have been turned down by agents appointed by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Continue reading “Mandatory reconsiderations and the rule of law”