Our Golden Wedding

It is our Golden Wedding Day today.

My favourite passage in the Odyssey says it all:

…  οὐ μὲν γὰρ τσῦ γε κρεῖσσον καἱ ἄρειον,

ἤ  ὅθ᾿ όμοφρονέοντε νοἠμασιν οἶκον ἔχητον

ὰνηρ ήδὲ γυνή∙  πόλλ᾿ ἄλγεα δυσμενέεσσι,

χάρματα δ᾿ εὐμενετῃσι∙ μάλιστα δέ  τ᾿ ἔκλυον αὐτοί.

For there is nothing better in this world than that a man and his wife should be of one mind in a house.   It discomforts their enemies and makes their friends glad, and they themselves know this better than anyone.

(Homer, Odyssey 6, 182-185)

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